What is De-Glue Goo?

An amazing solvent for water-base glues.

De-Glue Goo is the only non-toxic gel that dissolves hide glue and most white and yellow water soluble glues.

Furniture restorers, musical instrument makers and cabinetmakers love how it cleans off old dry glue after the item has been taken apart.

Woodworkers, professional & amateur, use De-Glue Goo to remove glue squeeze-out to prevent uneven staining.

Chair caners demand it for efficiently cleaning out the spline groove after the spline has been removed.

Luthiers have discovered how it can help with bridge repair and squeeze out. Check out Mike Tagawa's product review in American Luthier, Fall 2006.

Why Use De-Glue Goo?

To Remove Old Glue
Expert restorer and cabinetmaker Larry McNeil developed De-Glue Goo to use in his own shop. He knew that in order to get a good glue bond two things had to be present: tight-fitting joints and clean gluing surfaces. The best bond occurs when fresh glue touches clean wood on all sides. This means that the old glue must be removed before applying fresh glue.

This is a tedious chore and some people just skip it. As a result, the new glue they apply sticks primarily to the old glue making a weak bond that does not last.

De-Glue Goo is so easy and efficient for removing the old glue, now everybody can make repairs the right way and still make a profit.

To Remove Squeeze Out
Removing squeeze-out glue after clamping wood together is critical for the staining and finishing that comes afterward. Scraping, chiseling or sanding the dry glue doesn't always mean it is gone. Even leaving a few molecules of glue on the surface will keep the wood from absorbing the stain resulting in light spots, or unstained areas. De-Glue Goo soaks into the top pores, dissolves the glue, turning it back to its original color for easy visibility. Then it can be gently scraped off. Follow up with a wipe from a damp cloth. Once the area has dried, sand lightly and the wood is ready for finishing.

To Help Chair Caners Clean the Spline Groove
After the spline has been removed, apply De-Glue Goo in the groove. Allow it to soften the glue. Using a narrow chisel as a scraper, remove the old glue. Re-apply if necessary.

To Remove Fabric from Tambours
Fabric is easily removed from tambours with a thick coating of De-Glue Goo. After applying the gel over the fabric, cover with plastic and leave until the glue softens, even overnight. Then remove the fabric when it peels off easily.