How To

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What kinds of glue does De-Glue Goo work on?
A: De-Glue Goo is the only original non-toxic dissolver that dissolves glues used for interior projects. It does not work on water resistant and waterproof glue like Titebond II and Titebond III.

Q: What are some common glues that are not affected by De-Glue Goo?
A: Cyanoacrylates like Super Glue and Crazy Glue and urethane glues like Gorilla. Also epoxies. (see chart below)

Chart of Different Glue Responses
Type of Glue Response
Titebond Original - yellow

Dissolves to a sludge ready to wipe off

Titebond II - water resistant

De=Glue Goo is not recommended.

Titebond III - water proof De-Glue Goo is not recommended.
Elmers Wood Glue Max De-Glue Goo is not recommended.
Elmers White Glue Dissolves easily
Hide Glue Dissolves easily

Q: Will De-Glue Goo help me take a loose joint apart?
A: No. The joint must be taken apart first.

Q: How can you tell if De-Glue Goo is working?
A: It turns the old glue back to its original wet color.

Q: Will De-Glue Goo harm the finish?
A: It is always best to wipe off any De-Glue Goo that gets on the finish. It is possible that if it sits on the finish long enough it could cause blushing. However this blushing will disappear when it dries.