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Remove Old Glue

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Expert restorer and cabinetmaker Larry McNeil developed De-Glue Goo to use in his own shop. He knew that in order to get a good glue bond two things had to be present: tight-fitting joints and clean gluing surfaces. The best bond occurs when fresh glue touches clean wood on ...

Remove Squeeze Out

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Removing squeeze-out glue after clamping wood together is critical for the staining and finishing that comes afterward. Scraping, chiseling or sanding the dry glue doesn't always mean it is gone. Even leaving small amounts of glue on the surface will keep the wood from ...

Helps Chair Caners Clean the Spline Groove

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After the spline has been removed, apply De-Glue Goo in the groove. Allow it to soften the glue. Using a narrow chisel as a scraper, remove the old glue. Re-apply if necessary. And also, Helps Remove Fabric from Tambours Fabric is easily removed from tambours with a ...